Accommodation Services helps adults with every aspect of living. We provide support unique to the needs of each person, whether they require 24-hour home care, four hours of support a day or four hours of support a month. Recipients need Social Security Benefits or Private Pay.

What Supports are Provided?

Support is based on the needs of the person and can be provided on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We help adults manage their medical, financial and active living needs, including:

  • Personal Health Management – Understanding health problems, finding a doctor or dentist, and understanding their medications.
  • Financial Management – Organizing and budgeting money and help with paying bills and rent.
  • Active Living – Recreation, leisure, relationships, life planning, meal preparation, and other daily needs. We can also help adults find living accommodations or move when their needs change.

What are the Benefits?

When people live more independently, they can:

Learn how to support themselves.

Gain a sense of independence and responsibility.

Increase self-esteem and self-awareness.

Attain their personal goals.

Broaden social circles.

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