About Us

Springwell Network, Inc. is a non-profit, United Way member agency that serves adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities and provides Community Navigating services.

Springwell Network, Inc., Inc. provides quality residential care and training for adult persons with mental challenges and/or other intellectual developmental disabilities and consistently looks for innovative resources and means for the expansion of services for these individuals.

The agency was established in 1974 under the name of Group Homes of Forsyth. In 1975, we opened our first home. The cornerstone of our program is the belief that individuals must be allowed to fulfill their destinies in their own way, at their own pace, accordingly to their own personalities.

Our two-tier admissions process is geared to finding the people who will benefit most from our program, and more importantly, those who want to participate.

Corporate Information

Springwell Network, Inc. is led by Charlene Warren, Executive Director. Charlene has over 25 years’ experience managing residential programs and services.

Operations for Springwell Network, Inc. are led by Renita Rolle, Operations Director of Services. Renita is a seasoned director of group care with over 10 years of experience.

The agency is a 501c and accredited by Carf for over 10 years and maintains contracts with Partners Behavioral Health, Sandhills Center and Vaya Health.