Day Activity – Adult Education & Day Support

Adult Education Program is a collaborative effort between Springwell Network, Inc. and Forsyth Technical Community College. A qualified instructor provides individuals with opportunities to improve academics, learn how to access community resources and increase daily living skills. Some of the many topics covered in the class include Community Preparation, Health and Person Served Education. The class is open to individuals in the community who have disabilities and are interested in enhancing their skills.

Through the Supported Opportunities Day Activity Program persons served have an opportunity to receive group or one-on-one training in specific life or community living skills designed to help him/her become more self-sufficient and enjoy day activity without the restraints of paid employment. (Innovation Waiver Day Support).

Community Navigator/Extenders Services

Community Navigator/Extenders services are designed to help children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities as they work towards increased independence and community inclusion.

Community Navigators/Extenders are professionals trained to locate community resources for people and coordinate the use of those resources with the person they support. They promote inclusion with the community at large, and support both the individual and their family in implementing the person centered plan.

Community Navigator/Extenders services are designed to:

  • Encourage self-determination and self-direction
  • Increase participant’s ability to be involved and included in his/her community
  • Increase independence, and
  • Increase independence.
  • Help to enhance participants develop social networks and connections within their own communities.

When you enroll in the Community Navigator/Extenders program at Community Partnerships, an experienced professional will work with you to:

  • Develop action steps and a timeline for achieving those goals.
  • Link you to the community resources that you need in order to achieve your goals.
  • Provide ongoing guidance and education that will help you find and maintain community supports.
  • Act as your advocate within the system, helping you secure the resources and supports you need.

Community Navigator/Extenders services are designed to be temporary or intermittent, phasing out as you become more independent.



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Principles of Quality Improvement System

Focus on Person Served and Family Outcomes

Standardized data measurement

Use data to improve services

Use data to make policy decisions

Driven by Best Practices

Ensure Minimum Standards

Problem-Solving Orientation

Consumer Participation

How is this Accomplished?

Routine monitoring of system capacity and growth

Ongoing tracking of system

Program and agency performance

Incorporating best practice standards

Using evaluation information to inform individual, system, program planning