Success Stories

Like many projects, this one started small. In 2010, Christine Rucker was asked to photograph some of the residents of Group Homes of Forsyth, for a project called “Story Of My Life.” When it was finished, Christine, Michelle Johnson and Phoebe Zerwick, who frequently collaborate on web documentary and narrative projects, realized there was a larger story to be told.

We hope that the six pieces in this series present a more complete picture of ability and disability, and illuminate, in the words of Henri Nouwen, something about what it means to be human.

In the Pink: Karen’s Story

Karen Lash and her two roommates bought their house a little over ten years ago. The house sits up high overlooking South Main Street, with potted plants at the entryway and a covered patio out back. On weekday mornings, a city van for disabled adults stops out front...

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God Is So Good: James’ Story

James Lowdermilk was eight years old the day he picked out a tune on the keyboard for the first time. The television had been tuned all day to the Jerry Lewis Telethon, an annual fundraiser for muscular dystrophy that featured, that year, a solo performance by a...

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The Can Man: John’s Story

If you ask John Linville about his favorite things and he has his communication device handy, he might push the button that shows a picture of a small bottle. “I like working for Texas Pete,” the machine will say. And John will laugh out loud at his favorite thing....

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Angels Talking: Cecelia’s Story

Cecelia Henry has been writing stories since she was 9 years old. She writes most of them in pencil on loose-leaf paper at a small desk in the kitchen of the group home she shares with five other disabled adults. Her eyesight is poor, so often she cannot read her...

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A Big Life: Greg’s Story

Greg Silvernail turned 43 September 1, 2011 and celebrated with a party at his home on Brandywine Road. As guests arrived, Bo was turning cartwheels in the front yard. Bobby sat in the living room watching television. Debbie fussed around the kitchen, keeping up with...

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A Fish In Water: Ghree’s Story

Ghree Lockard makes her way to the YWCA pool the same way she negotiates the rest of the world, a little unsteady on her feet but without fear. She parks her walker out of the way, takes a few steps to the pool and grabs hold of the railing. There are five wide steps...

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